Storage Commander CloudBlog New Update for Cloud-Users, 5.20
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New Update for Cloud-Users, 5.20

New Update for Cloud-Users, 5.20

The Storage Commander 5.20 update is here for Storage Commander Cloud users, and with it comes various improvements along with the full release of Podium’s interaction management tools!

We try our best to release a steady stream of updates for our Storage Commander Cloud users in order to keep your software up to date and in accordance with the latest in technology advances. This particular update we’re showcasing the newest release with an amazing new addition – Podium.

Using Podium, Storage Commander users can now track reviews across a variety of platforms (such as Google and Yelp), and automate review invites in order to boost your public image and website authority!

There will be a release for the Storage Commander standalone platform at a later date, so make sure to subscribe to our newsletter and like our Facebook page for more Storage Commander news.

For more information and to view the complete change log, please visit our Solutions Portal.

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