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Remote Operators

When you need a strong emphasis on automation and flexibility.

Here’s How We Solve Your Problems.

Unmanned storage businesses can be an amazing venture into self-storage if you're using the right storage system to manage your units and tenants. For that, you'll need a property management software that has the right features and the right partners to give you the results you're looking for. 

Automating Online Rentals

Unmanned facilities require reliable tools to manage their rental flow. Storage Commander comes ready with free online rentals for your business and integrations with partners for digital signature and kiosks so you always have access to your digital documents from your computer or on the go.

I Need Mobile Accessibility

Storage Commander Online is completely browser-based and can be operated from any device with an internet connection, We also have Storage Commander DASH, which is our independent reporting app that allows you to view and send reports from anywhere.

Easy Revenue Management

Are you making the most out of your storage space? Storage Commander makes sure that you can with tools to help maximize your potential income such as rate changes based on occupancy, expiring discounts, and automatically applying rate changes - all wrapped up in an easy to use design for faster training and use.

High or Rising Costs

One of the benefits of operating an unmanned facility is saving on staffing costs and we want you to keep saving! That's why Storage Commander starts at only $80 per month and offers a variety of ways to make and save money with your software.

Mobile Friendly Software for Self Storage

Remote Operator

Driven Features

  • Mobile-Friendly Design
  • Simplified User Interface
  • Easy and Powerful Revenue Management
  • Kiosk and Partner Integrations
  • Lien and Contact Automation
  • Online Rentals with E-Signature
  • Accepts Contactless Payments Using EMV
  • Pricing Starts at only $80 per Month

How we can help

Remote Operators.

We speak with hundreds of self-storage operators a day and the challenges you face are universal.

Whether that be trying to automate your operations, gain a little more freedom, or just save some money - see how Storage Commander can help with your remote storage business and manage your facility easier today.

Here’s what people are saying about our management software


Maynard Mini Storage

I Would Highly Recommend

Customer service is great. The software has made day to day task extremely easy. I would highly recommend.


Cardinal Storage

Overall Value Truly Can't Be Beat

After months of vetting software providers we chose Storage Commander for our growing self-storage business. The cloud speeds are astonishing, the customer service and support are the absolute best in the business, and the overall value truly cant be beat.

Lynnette bertelli

Ratel Investments

Ease of Use and Reporting

I have been a manager and lead IT decision maker for many storage facilities over the last 15 years. I chose SC Cloud for the ease of use and the reporting capabilities for marketing and accounting purposes.

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