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You can find most answers to simple questions within our knowledgebase or training videos, but if you have something that needs our help simply submit a ticket and we'll help solve your problem!

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Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

What's the latest version of Storage Commander Cloud?

Can support assist with credit card issues?

How can I log into the browser app?

Payment Questions

How can I make a payment?

How can I make a  partial payment?

How can I make a  zero dollar payment?

Can I reverse a payment?

How can I make an adjustment?

How can I add a recurring fee?

How can I make a payment on multiple units?

How can I make a split payment?

How can I enroll a customer into auto payments?

How can I enroll a customer into auto payments without charging?

How can I add discounts?

In the Adjustments window, what is the difference between past due items and account adjustments?

Merchandise Questions

How can I receive merchandise?

How can I sell merchandise?

Move In/Move Out Questions

How can I reverse a move in?

How can I reverse a move out?

Report Questions

How can I pull reports from the Windows app?

What are the most popular reports?

End of Day and Document Questions

What does running End of Day do?

Can I set End of Day to run automatically?

How can I manually generate a document?

How can I manually  configure and start End of Day?

How can I print notices and view pending documents?

How can I create a notice?

Text Message Questions

How can I create a text message?

Can I send text messages to multiple customers?

How can I send a text message through an individual customer's account?

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