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Staying Connected to Tenants with Storage Unit Software

Staying connected to your tenants is one of the most essential aspects of the success of your business. Unfortunately, many owners neglect this aspect until it’s too late and they are forced to deal with a customer who has departed or closed their unit. Thankfully, storage unit software has made staying in touch with tenants easier than ever before. By utilizing storage unit software, you can quickly and easily keep track of your customers, their units, and any additional services they require.

Storage Unit Software is a tool for business owners to simplify their business operations while staying in constant communication with their team and tenants. With features such as automation and data performance metrics, facility owners can stay connected with their tenants and provide them with enhanced customer service.


Storage unit software allows owners to stay connected with tenants by automating communications, such as the rental transaction process. A streamlined rental process from start to finish allows both owners and tenants to get what they need in a quick and efficient manner. The rental process can be quickly and easily automated in the following ways:

Tenants can quickly and easily fill out automated rental applications online from their desktop or mobile device, which makes it easier to streamline the entire rental process.

Owners can automatically collect all of the necessary information from each tenant, simplifying taxation and billing records.

Rental payments can be automatically sent to owners, simplifying the entire rent collection process and ensuring that all information is accurate.

After the initial rental process, owners can stay connected with other automated tasks such as work orders, gate access, email and sms notifications, and more. Automating these tedious tasks allows owners to build client relationships while still having time to focus on other important aspects of their business.

Performance Metrics

Facility Owners are always focused on how to improve the performance of their business. They continue to look out for ways to optimize marketing campaigns and attract new customers, but sometimes the best improvements come from making better use of the data you already have.

Robust Storage unit software collects and organizes hundreds of data points that owners need to effectively manage their facility. By analyzing these performance metrics, owners can make informed decisions that maximize efficiency and customer service. This data can provide information on tenant demographics, most used services, and more. With this information, facility owners can make decisions to improve relationships with tenants and increase customer retention

Storage unit software helps owners to stay connected with their tenants without the added time and expense. With its ability to automate repetitive tasks and provide performance metrics, storage unit software helps ensure your business runs effectively while streamlining communications with your tenants.

Storage Commander Cloud’s easy-to-use software empowers owners to manage their customer experience with a variety of automation features and performance metrics. Talk to our team today to learn more about how Storage Commander Cloud can enhance communication between you and your tenants.


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