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new technology partner

New Partner: SelfStorageSMS

New Technology Partner: SelfStorage SMS

Simplifying SMS Notification Technology for Self-Storage


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We’re excited to announce our completed integration with SelfStorageSMS’s tenant messaging!

SelfStorageSMS is a text messaging platform built specifically with self-storage owners and operators in mind. 

Automate tenant alerts and notifications directly from your Storage Commander management software.



You Can Try For Yourself For Free!


Setup only takes a few minutes and you can try SelfStorageSMS absolutely free for the first 10 days, no credit card required!

If you’ve been thinking about trying a messaging platform, this is definitely a great way to see the benefits before making an informed decision!





  • Dave Butler

    Can I use the text messaging if I didn’t get the online version of Storage Commander? My internet is spotty at best.

    Reply September 30, 2019 at 6:34 pm

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