Simplified Payment Solutions for Self-Storage.

Introducing Storage Commander Pay – a complete payment solution woven directly into your Storage Commander Cloud management software. Reconcile payments easily within your self-storage software and never call a 3rd party processor for support ever again.


By developing our own payments platform, we’ve given you the ability to contact the same team of experts at Storage Commander Software for both payments and software support.

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    Amazing Rates With No Hidden Fees

    SC Pay has shown an amazing average potential savings of over 17% for self-storage owners and operators without the unnecessary hidden fees.

    Credit Card Payments with SC Pay

    EMV Pin and Chip Card Readers

    Stay connected to the latest in payments technology and security with EMV-compliant pin and chip card readers.

    Fully Integrated Payments Platform

    Easily reconcile payments and call one point of contact for both your software and payment questions. No more finger pointing to solve problems!

    What Sets SC Pay Apart?

    SC Pay combines savings and simplicity to give you the best payments solution in self-storage. Built directly into the Storage Commander Cloud management software, SC Pay offers comprehensive visibility into your financials with an intuitive user interface.

    save money on transaction costs using SC Pay

    Saving Feels Good

    With an average potential savings of over 17% on credit card transactions without the hidden fees.

    Simplified Design

    Simplified Reporting

    Stay informed with streamlined MerchantTrack dashboard and custom report groups in Storage Commander Cloud.

    Centralized payments and software support

    Centralized Support

    Using SC Pay you can contact the same great support for both your payments and management software.

    Payments Security

    Advanced Payments Security

    Tokenized credit card data and fully compliant with PCI and PADSS by keeping your business out of scope!

    Payment Innovations

    Amazing Payment Innovations

    EMV-compliant devices including NFC (contactless payments) allow your business to accept Google Pay and Apple Pay.

    Customizable Report Groups

    Easy and Fast Setup

    In most cases, SC Pay accounts setup within 3-5 business days after receiving all of the necessary documentation.

    Saving money just makes sense.

    The latest in payment technology solutions designed with a simple user interface. Easily reconcile right from your self-storage software and never miss a beat.

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      SC Pay Payments for Self-Storage

      Frequently asked questions.

      We’re here to answer any questions you might have! If something isn’t addressed here in the FAQ, feel free to reach out anytime and we would be happy to discuss your questions.

      01 Why Is It Better To Have An Integrated Processor?

      We’re tightly integrating the software and the payments processing engine.

      You contact one place, Storage Commander Software, and we can answer any question you have about the software OR the payments.


      No more finger pointing.


      And there’s no more going to different systems to reconcile payments.

      All of the credit card information is right there in your management software at the click of a button.

      Our objective is to use technology to permanently change the credit card processing aspect of the self-storage industry, because you and your customers deserve better.


      02 What Processing Rates Do You Offer?

      SC Pay is able to offer extremely competitive rate pricing averaging over 17% potential savings, because we’ve eliminated the middle man for you. By offering a fully integrated all-in-one solution, we’ve made sure to make your processing is our priority.

      03 Who Do We Contact For Payment Support?

      You can now contact Storage Commander Software directly for all of your payment processing support through SC Pay.


      04 What Are The Support Hours For SC Pay?

      Our support hours will remain the same, but we’ve also included 24 hour support for critical payment issues.


      05 How Long Is The Approval And Boarding Process?

      We should have you up and running within 3-5 business days (including payment terminal shipment) after receiving all necessary documentation.

      06 How Long Will It Take For Payments To Reach My Account?

      Funds should reach your account in 48 hours, however, we have plans to decrease that time to 24 hours by the end of 2019.

      07 Which Payment Devices Are Supported?

      Currently, Storage Commander Pay supports the Ingenico IPP320 EMV-compliant card reader and the Ingenico ISMP4 which is a wireless EMV-compliant device.