Management Software for

Self-Storage Owner-Operators.

When you want healthy control of your self-storage business.

Here’s How We Solve Your Problems.

As a self-storage owner-operator, you need a software that can juggle as many things as you do.

Difficult or Clumsy Software

It should be easy to navigate your software on any device. Our latest platform, Storage Commander Online, combines all of the powerful day-to-day control of Storage Commander Cloud into a browser-based design and easy to use interface.

Adding More to Your Software

We team up with a variety of industry partners to make sure you have everything you will ever need to operate your business. Access control, digital marketing, lien services, text messaging and more are all at your fingertips when you partner with Storage Commander Software.

Wanting to Add Online Rentals

Your customers want it and your business needs it - online rentals help take the burden off of your shoulders and makes your website do all of the work for you. Start renting units and accepting payments 24 hours a day with our easy to use online rental suite.

High or Rising Costs

Your management software should be a minor investment with a quantifiable return. By using our simplified revenue management tools, you can start making the most out of your rental space without the inflated costs of other software providers.

Mobile Friendly Software for Self Storage

Features You Care About

  • Mobile-Friendly Design
  • Device Independent (Use on a Mac or PC)
  • Online Rentals with E-Signature
  • Easy Rate Changes and Adjustments
  • Simplified User Interface
  • Pricing Starts at only $80 per Month
  • Accepts Contactless Payments Using EMV
  • Amazing Industry Partners and Integrations

How we can help


We speak with hundreds of self-storage operators a day and the challenges you face are universal.

Whether that be trying to simplify your tenant management, get more visibility into your financials, or simply lowering your operational costs - see how Storage Commander can help with your storage business and start saving time and money.

Here’s what people are saying about our management software

Chris Hamm

Owner/Manager, The Storage Place

Five Stars for Storage Commander!

The ease of use. It is laid out so the average person can understand how it works. It works great and gives me more options and easy to use at different locations.


Manager, Flying Saddle Storage

Amazing Technical Support

The customer service goes above and beyond to help with any and all questions. I would recommend this software service to anyone in the industry.

Lynnette bertelli

Operator, Ratel Investments

Ease of Use and Reporting

I have been a manager and lead IT decision maker for many storage facilities over the last 15 years. I chose SC Cloud for the ease of use and the reporting capabilities for marketing and accounting purposes.

Frequently Asked Questions

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