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2020 Brings New Partners for Storage Commander Users!

Three New Partners for Storage Commander Cloud


2019 was a great year, but we have a feeling that 2020 is going to be even better! To kick things off right, we are welcoming in the new year by adding three new partners to our Storage Commander Partner Exchange for our users.


We’ve listened to your feedback (which is always appreciated), and by popular demand we’re introducing XPS Solutions, Late 2 Lien, and SpiderDoor – all active and available immediately!


XPS Solutions

xps solutions logo

XPS Solutions provides an amazing call center integration into the Storage Commander Cloud management software. If you think you might be missing calls during peak hours or after your business has closed (I guarantee that you are!), then you need to give XPS Solutions a try.


XPS Solutions looks for areas where they can impact your business’s occupancy and your average stay.  That includes catching calls, creating SEO solutions, providing tenant support, even delivering a best-in-class mobile application for tenants, all ready to go with your Storage Commander Cloud management software.



SpiderDoor Logo


SpiderDoor introduces a modern solution to an old problem – gate access and control.


Using SpiderDoor, you have 100% control over your gates worldwide. All you need is a cellular connection on your smart phone and presto, you’ll be able to access the gate!


SpiderDoor App


The manager app allows you to open your gate from anywhere as long as your phone has a data signal. This is extremely useful for owners and managers. As an owner, I’m sure you can’t count the number of times you’ve been away from your storage location and it just so happened that you needed to open the gate immediately. This is your answer! With the keypad installed, simply open the app and you can open, latch open, or close your gate from anywhere in the world.


Late 2 Lien

late 2 lien

Late 2 Lien is the turnkey solution for automating your Late through Lien Sale process.


Powered by the requirements and timelines outlined in each state’s statute, the Late2Lien engine provides an all-encompassing, fully-automated, easy-to-use system for accurately completing each step along the way. Combined with the Storage Commander Cloud management software, you can now automate these potentially problematic steps and rest easy knowing that your business is in good hands.


Regardless if you own or manage one facility or many, Late2Lien is designed to improve your operations by reducing the time and effort spent executing the lien sale process.


More to Come


Without giving anything away, I can only say that 2020 is going to be a very big year. Make sure you stay connected on social media for any additional updates!


Have more partner suggestions? Make sure you leave a comment below or contact us to let us know which industry partner you want to see next!




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