Self Storage Software for

Multi-Site Operators.

When you want a software that offers complete control.

Here’s How We Solve Your Problems.

If you're operating multiple self-storage locations, you need a software that is flexible and secure.

I Need Corporate Control

You wouldn't give a new relief manager the keys to your car, right? The same should be said about your business. Easily tailor different levels of access according to user roles to establish a safer overall work environment in your Storage Commander management software.

Trouble with Multiple-Site Reporting

Keep your finger on the heartbeat of your business with Storage Commander's comprehensive reporting suite. Accessible from the Storage Commander application or Storage Commander Dash, our unique corporate reporting app - you can quickly get information on the micro or macro level.

Help Navigating Between Facilities

You shouldn't have to open a new window for each and every facility that you need to access. Simply select the facility you want to navigate to from Storage Commander's dropdown bar and you're able to instantly manage your other properties.

Difficult Rate Management

Whether you want to adjust the street rates of your units company-wide or automate future rate changes for a single facility in your portfolio, Storage Commander's simplified revenue controls takes the guesswork out of rate management.

Mobile Friendly Software for Self Storage

Multi-Site Operator Driven Features

  • Mobile-Friendly Design
  • Simplified Site-to-Site Navigation
  • Storage Commander Dash Mobile Reporting App
  • Secure User-Permissions and Control
  • Powerful Rate Management
  • Amazing Automation Tools
  • Online Rentals with E-Signature
  • Accepts Contactless Payments Using EMV

How we can help

Multi-Site Operators.

We speak with hundreds of storage operators a day and the challenges you face are universal.

Managing multiple locations can be difficult without the right software in place. That's why we put a strong emphasis on corporate user control and flexibility into our management software.

Storage Commander centralizes your technology while providing your team members on the facility level with the tools they need to succeed.

Here’s what people are saying about our management software

Chris Hamm

Owner/Manager, The Storage Place

Five Stars for Storage Commander!

The ease of use. It is laid out so the average person can understand how it works. It works great and gives me more options and easy to use at different locations.


Interlink Storage and Office

Our Utmost Appreciation

I came back to Oklahoma and without hesitation said let's make the switch!!! That decision has truly paid dividends!!! Our utmost appreciation & gratitude go out to our friends at Storage Commander! They are always there for us, never leave us in a lurch, and I will attest, it has become a very familial relationship between our organizations.

Judit walters

Store It Wise

Always Quick to Respond

Storage Commander values and makes the most of my time by helping me resolve any issues & not waste time, which helps me to learn and grow as an individual.

Simplify Your Business Today!

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