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While WHAM isn’t too active in the industry anymore, we do still continue to support WHAM legacy users. Some of WHAM’s security features include high speed (virtually instantaneous) alarm detection, a seemingly obvious criteria for a security system, but by no means one which may be taken for granted. Most others are slow serial-multiplexer scan systems which often fail to detect violations of up to several seconds or more, leaving plenty of time to break in or tamper without detection.

WHAM’s design and signal processing routines pay attention to avoiding false alarms which would otherwise completely destroy confidence in your system. Be assured, when the alarm goes off, the situation is real and really worth investigating.

WHAM Security Systems

WHAM and Storage Commander Cloud

With proper configuration, your Storage Commander Cloud management software automatically informs WHAM of rental delinquencies and other changes of tenant status via an optional, industry standard RS232C interface. Of course, delinquency access denials may also be entered from your manual Storage Commander software as well.


If you have questions about integrating your current gate system or bringing your software’s data over to Storage Commander Cloud’s self-storage management software, we’re always available to answer any questions you might have.

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