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While Twilio wasn’t designed specifically for self-storage, that shouldn’t stop you from considering this globally recognized powerhouse of communication technology. 


Twilio provides amazing SMS tenant notification solutions with a simplified “pay as you go” pricing plan that allows you to use their services without any need for contracts.


If that wasn’t good enough, Twilio’s text messages only cost about a penny per message and they also offer an array of support options to choose from.

Twilio and Storage Commander Cloud


Using Twilio with your Storage Commander Cloud self-storage software, you can create powerful text message campaigns for any number of uses.


Want to remind past due customers of their payment? Perhaps you want to send a text thanking your tenants for renting with you for a year? For about a penny a message, you can afford to try out any number of strategies with your customers.


And while you are testing out the waters, Storage Commander Cloud saves a copy of your sent messages within your tenants’ history for easy reference!

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