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Storelocal is a co-op owned by independent self-storage operators. They focus on developing technology that makes unassisted move-ins a reality and offer brand services that increase the profitability of their users.


Using Storelocal, you gain access to their amazing GDS-powered Tenant™ suite of technology offerings including the tenant interface, mobile manager and digital signage.


In addition to their in-house technology offerings, they also partner with Janus International to introduce co-op members and Storage Commander users to access control technology that facilitates partially staffed or unmanned storage facilities.


Smart units make unassisted move-ins a valuable option for both operators and their tenants.

Storelocal and Storage Commander Cloud


Outside of the amazing benefits from joining the cooperative itself, Storelocal offers beautiful website design and SEO services along with the GDS-powered Tenant™ suite of technology.


These tools, coupled with your Storage Commander Cloud software, become a powerful automation machine that keeps you ahead of your competition.

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