RPost Tenant Communications

RPost Tenant Communications

Phone: (866) 468.3315



RPost has been a key player in self-storage since they emerged with providing certified letters as a necessary component in the lien process. 


They didn’t just stop at certified letters though – now RPost has an incredible variety of features and services designed to streamline the lien process and keep you in touch with your tenants.


Rmail Registered Email

RMail is an all-in-one solution for powerful email, with simple-to-use open tracking, delivery proof, email encryption, electronic signatures, large file transfer functionality and more.


Powered by Registered Email technology, RMail provides a Registered Receipt record for every message sent, providing and proving important details of the correspondence. 

RPost and Storage Commander Cloud


Using RPost with your Storage Commander Cloud management software, you can automate the generation of both certified mail and registered email right from your self-storage software.


Save on costs while increasing your tenant engagement using RPost’s platform, while automatically keeping track of your messages within your tenant’s history.

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