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PTI Security Systems is a worldwide leader in access control and security solutions for the self storage industry. To date, there are more than 36,000 installations of PTI products in self storage facilities in 30+ countries.


PTI provides innovative, durable and reliable security products in self storage and offers a wide range of integrated security solutions including keypads, wired and wireless door alarms, mobile apps for both renters and facility staff, video surveillance solutions and powerful security software that integrates seamlessly with most management software on the market today.

PTI Security Systems and Storage Commander Cloud

These durable products are designed to help self storage owners protect their investment for years to come and PTI’s experienced and dedicated team will help you find the perfect solution for your unique security needs.


By combining your PTI gates with your Storage Commander Cloud management software, you generate a powerful tool that will allow and deny access based on your specific needs and configuration.

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