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OpenTech Alliance is the leader in automation and call center services for the self-storage industry.


Since 2003, they have helped storage owners work smarter by increasing productivity, profitability and customer satisfaction with innovative technologies designed from the ground up for the self-storage business.


Insomniac Kiosks

OpenTech Alliance Kiosks

An INSOMNIAC self-service kiosk is the final piece of the puzzle in your effort to provide a frustration-free customer experience, and ensure you never miss another rental. Capture drive-up traffic that won’t complete a lengthy process on a mobile device, employ it as a final security stop for an online reservation, or secure new customers who prefer to use self-service options. 


  • Rents out units and accepts payments 24/7
  • Your customers can talk to a real person when your manager is not available
  • Significantly reduces staffing costs
  • Provides manager with a digital recording of all transactions
  • Services English & Spanish speaking customers
  • Prospects walk away as tenants with signed lease, insurance, lock and access code to move-in

Insomniac Live! Call Centers

Did you know that SSA studies have shown that 40% of calls to facilities go unanswered? Whether it be because you are on the line or it was outside of your normal business hours – you missed out on potential business.


Insomniac Live! self-storage call centers are an amazing resource for any operator looking to provide better customer service and improve rental rates with:


  • Scalable Call Center solutions allow you to customize call-answering services depending on needs.
  • Seamlessly integrate in real-time with major Property Management Software vendors.
  • Storage Counselors are extensively trained to assist and convert your self storage customers. 
  • We assist over 2,200 storage facilities, from the largest REIT’s, to the individual facility owner, all from our US based offices. 

Insomniac CIA Access Control

INSOMNIAC CIA gives you total control of a single or thousands of properties, and addresses issues with older PC-based systems including technology, warranty, installation, and support.


Don’t worry about computer problems or never-ending software updates as the cloud-based software will continue to operate even if your Internet connection goes down.


Managers and owners, gain insights into your renter’s behaviors and streamline business operations with predictive maintenance triggers with real-time data visualization and reporting from the OpenTech IoE Control Center.


Enhance your tenants’ experiences by utilizing the hands-free secure access from OpenTech Alliance’s Storage Genie mobile app.

OpenTech Alliance and Storage Commander Cloud

Customers today demand fast options for personalized, seamless service.


OpenTech Alliance’s innovative, user-friendly kiosks integrate with your Storage Commander Cloud management software to support enhanced relations with customers, and help you stay ahead of the competition.


Full-service kiosk solutions, modern access control, and 24/7 call center support – OpenTech Alliance can be a great asset to any self-storage business using the Storage Commander Cloud management software.

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