Self Storage Software Features

Automation. Security. Innovations.
You've got it all at your fingertips.

Global Data Network

Over 40 data centers available worldwide.

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Online Rentals with E-Signature

Automate your business with complete online rentals.

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Website Design and SEO

Websites made simple!

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SelfStorage SMS Notifications

Hands-free automated tenant notifications.

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Revenue Management

Innovative revenue automation to streamline profit gain.

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True Data Ownership

Don't be fooled. We offer TRUE data ownership.

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Powerful Reporting

Access to over 150 accurate reports - just group and automate!

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Automatically Updating Credit Cards

Never worry about expiring card information again.

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Unique Device Integrations

More device options than ever before to streamline tasks.

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Storage Commander Dash

Take mobility to the next-level!

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Keep Track of Work Orders

Track maintenance costs and providers for future use.

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Simplified Multi-Site Navigation

Operating multiple facilities has never been easier.

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The Storage Group

Digital marketing and integrated rentals via ClickandStor®.

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Late Notice Automation

Automate your lien process stress free.

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Built-In SC CRM

Stay organized with our built-in CRM.

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Custom Interactive Sitemap

Simplified and intuitive graphical interface.

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Enhanced Security

The most advanced onsite and online security available.

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EMV (Pin and Chip) Ready

Avoid fees and keep transactions protected.

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Unit Inventories

Unit inventories give you vision on what's being stored.

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Do Not Rent Lists

Keep track of troublesome tenants.

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2 way text messaging and interaction management.

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Registered Email

Save time and track communication efficiently.

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Automated Gate Partners

We integrate with all major gate providers.

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SMS Text Notifications

Stay in touch with your tenants.

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Storage Commander provides a variety of new features with regular updates. Find out why thousands of users world-wide choose Storage Commander Cloud as their preferred management solution.


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With over 20 years of experience delivering technology solutions to the self-storage industry,
Storage Commander Cloud has the tools to give your business the edge in your local market while boosting your revenue.