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Storage Commander CloudOpenEdge Processing

OpenEdge Processing

OpenEdge Payment Processing

After 20 years, Storage Commander customers can still choose to use OpenEdge processing.

For many developers, payments are a box on the checklist – basic functionality required by merchants. OpenEdge developer partners see payments differently – payments as valuable, integrated software features that become indispensable parts of the user’s business processes. Their solutions help self-storage business management solutions be more competitive.

No two merchant customers are the same. Their payment needs are varied and often complex. OpenEdge offers a suite of custom solutions – easily integrated – to help businesses succeed and grow their payments processing.

Decline Minimizer

If your self-storage business processes any sort of repeat or recurring transactions, you’re more than familiar with the headaches of declined cards. When a scheduled transaction doesn’t occur due to expired or outdated card information, it means lost and delayed revenues for the business,  manager time dedicated to tracking down tenants, and greater fees. The good news is that these are completely preventable problems. Decline Minimizer keeps operations rolling, automatically updating expired and outdated card information daily. Owners won’t wait days for updated information and customer security won’t be at risk as businesses send data files and compile lists of updated credit and debit cards. Decline Minimizer works in your Storage Commander Cloud software, behind the scenes. The updating process is automatic, as are the benefits to businesses – fewer card declines and more approvals.

EMV Ready

According to a case study, the U.S. experienced a significant increase in the implementation of EMV in 2017 with Visa reporting a rise of 182% in the number of chip cards issued and over 2.3M merchant locations now accepting chip cards, representing a 473% increase since the beginning of the EMV migration in the U.S. For merchants who have upgraded to EMV, counterfeit fraud dropped 58% in March 2017 compared to a year earlier and over half of all U.S. storefronts now accept chip cards. 96% of the top 200 merchants accept chip payments as opposed to 29% in the beginning of 2017.


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