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Storage Commander CloudFirst American Payment Systems

First American Payment Systems

First American Payment Systems

First American Payment Systems provides extremely cost-effective and secure bundle of payment tools to keep your self-storage businesses running flawlessly.

What does First American Payment Systems do different?

​Their unique payment options allow you to differentiate yourself in your local market and gain new customers while providing the level of customer service to your tenants that they expect from an industry leader.

​ We have you covered – from credit card processing and EMV, to online payments and recurring billing, all backed by​ award-winning customer service & best-in-class payment security.

More Benefits With Less Hassle

Stay ahead of the technology curve with a complimentary EMV pin and chip reader and start accepting electronic payment options such as Apple pay and Google Wallet today. The modern self-storage customer expects convenience and if you’re not prepared to deliver that to them, you may be losing out on revenue within your local market.

EMV Isn’t Just A Choice

The EMV mandate happened back in 2015. If you aren’t able to accept pin and chip debit and credit cards you are behind the curve. Fortunately, we can bring you current and give you a quote that will meet or beat your current transaction rates through First American Payment Systems.


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