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Storage Commander CloudAxcys Security Management Systems

Axcys Security Management Systems

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Axcys Security Management Systems

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Global, with its history of working with World Class organizations, began in 1998 to design its own product line, with the specific goal of providing existing MSTC users with a means to inexpensively upgrade, component by component, in a mix and match; as-necessary philosophy.  From that point forward to today, Global still allows for backward compatibility providing a very low costs means for users to upgrade and/or replace their aging or broken equipment.

To this day, Global continues its philosophy of not discontinuing any of its products, and still maintains solutions to support users of MSTC electronic devices customers throughout the world.

If you were a MSTC software user or you had a MSTC gate system, Storage Commander Cloud can bring your data over to the cloud and present you with a whole new world of options. Online rentals, online payments, kiosks – anything that you might be lacking in your current setup is waiting for you in Storage Commander Cloud. With an intuitive interactive point and click interface, Storage Commander Cloud is the answer to self-storage software for thousands of users worldwide.

If you have questions about integrating your current gate system or bringing your software’s data over to Storage Commander Cloud’s self-storage management software, we’re always available to answer any questions you might have. We have over twenty years of experience in self-storage and now we’re offering an integrated payment processing platform called “SC Pay” to offer an all in one self-storage solution.

More questions about gates?

For a full list of our completed gate integrations, please visit our technology partners section. If you don’t see your gate or security system listed, feel free to contact us anytime to request a custom gate integration. Chances are, we are either in the middle of development or just forgot to posted it online (Oops).

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