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EMV Payment Technology in Self-Storage

EMV Payment Technology in Self-Storage


EMV (Europay, Mastercard, and Visa) is the latest standard of payment security that has been mandated for Card Present (CP) credit card transactions for self-storage since October 1, 2015. 

Chances are – you’ve already been using these cards with a metallic square for years, but the fact is that your self-storage software might still be behind in technology after almost 5 years!

Other Names for EMV Technology:

  • EMV Smart Card
  • EMV Card
  • Smart Chip Card
  • Chip Enabled Smart Card
  • Smart Card
  • Chip and Choice Card
  • Pin and Chip Card
  • Contactless Payment Card

How EMV Cards Work

Well, that metallic square is actually the computer chip that has heralded a new age of security for business owners and their customers. Replacing the traditional magnetic-stripe of credit cards, this technology creates a unique transaction code that cannot be used again by potential counterfeiters. 


How Does This Affect Storage Operators?

October 1, 2015 was the starting point of a liability shift. This shift focused on placing responsibility on the business owners to update their management software and point of sale devices to be EMV compliant. While this may sound like a daunting task, software providers such as Storage Commander Cloud have already adopted these standards since 2015 and should have a variety of EMV options available to you.


How This Affects Other Payments

Online payments and payments made over the phone are considered Card Not Present (CNP) transactions and aren’t affected by the EMV liability shift. CNP transactions will still be processed at a higher transaction rate than CP transactions because of the obvious risk for fraud, but the facility operators will not be liable for fraudulent charges in these scenarios at this time.  


Benefits of Using EMV Payment Technology

The key benefits you are going to be receiving from EMV technology is a higher standard of security for your facility and your tenants. With the United States being the last major market still utilizing the magnetic-stripe card system, we are a very vulnerable target at the moment.


In order to protect ourselves and those reliant on our security, it is essential to evolve our practices and adopt new methods of protecting these critical transactions. The EMV payment system gives us additional protection against data breaches and fraud during a time of rising cyber-crime, so while the minor inconvenience of a mandated switch may be present, the benefits of doing so have proven unquestionable over the years.


Additionally, by embracing EMV technology your business can avoid recurring non-compliance penalties. Some merchants are seeing fees close to $300 for continuing to process chip-enabled cards with a swipe-only machine.


Is Storage Commander Cloud EMV Compliant?

Storage Commander Cloud users have a variety of EMV solutions readily available, including SC Pay.

SC Pay is a complete payment solution woven directly into the Storage Commander Cloud management software that not only offers EMV payments, but allows for easier reconciliation and visibility into your business’s financials while providing an average of over 17% savings on payment processing. 


For more information on EMV payment technology or SC Pay, feel free to contact us anytime or leave a comment below!




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