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In preparation for your conversion to Storage Commander, please complete the following checklist. This will help us in providing you with a conversion process that is accomplished quickly and accurately:

□ Storage Commander requires Windows 7, 8, or 10. Please run all Windows updates before the conversion process is started.  Click here for more information.

□  Have you started the merchant account setup with SC Pay? (This process will usually take 48 hours).

□  Have you contacted ​your gate company  for any required updates to their software? It is highly recommended that you setup an appointment with the gate manufacturer’s tech support to test the gate interface after the conversion.

□  The Storage Commander setup questionnaire must be completed and submitted to your Storage Commander Software sales representative at least 1 full week prior to the scheduled conversion date.

​For your convenience you can use the following links below to fill out the setup questionnaire online:

V4 Customers
Existing Storage Commander V4 customers converting to Storage Commander V5, click here.

New V5 Customers
Customers converting to Storage Commander V5 from another software program or setting up software for the first time, click here.

□  We will need a copy of the signed​ Storage Commander Software Cloud Services Agreement.  Please send the signed, scanned copy to [email protected] or fax it to 877-672-6257.

□  If you are going to be using our web-based Storage Commander, we will need a signed copy of the
Recurring Payment Authorization Form.
​Please send the signed, scanned copy to [email protected] or fax it to 877-672-6257.

□  If you are going to the cloud based application have you tested your internet speed to know that it is sufficient? We are looking for 1.0 Mbps Up and 5.0 Mbps Down.  Please test your speed by clicking here.
Please send us a copy of the results.

□  If you are installing Storage Commander on a new computer please ensure that all supporting peripheral devices (such as printers, document scanners or other hardware devices) have been installed and tested prior to the conversion.

Also have your email account and internet account setup prior to the conversion. In order to setup the application to send emails to customers or your corporate office please have a copy of your email settings available for the date of the conversion.

□  Please note that if you are running on a network we cannot setup or reconfigure your network settings.

□  If you are using Microsoft Word documents we can show you how to import these documents into Storage Commander. Review the “Notices” section in the Configuration Manager for a full list of available merge fields that can be used in your notices.

Here is a list of document samples provided within Storage Commander. Please make sure that the documents you use conform to your state and regional laws laws prior to sending any of these document samples to a customer.

● Late Notices [Commercial Late Notice, Late Notice, Pre-Lien, Lien]
● Invoice Notice
● Receipt
● Returned Check Notice
● Partial Payment Notice
● Auction Notice
● Insurance Expiration
● Insurance Addendum

□  We will generally pull your data to begin the conversion process on a Monday or Wednesday and complete the conversion process the following day. During this one day conversion process you can continue to use the Storage Commander old system for all day to day activities (such as: payments, move-in, move-out…), just remember that you will need to enter all transactions that occurred during the conversion process into the new Storage Commander system when the conversion has been completed and the Storage Commander technician has informed you that the new system is ready for you to use.

□  Review training videos and read both manuals for the V5 Application and Configuration Manager.

□  Delete any unused fees or discounts prior to your conversion.

□  When converting from another Management Software package you will need to print a few reports from your previous software package. You will want to generate these reports on the same day as the conversion. These reports will be used to enter customer information such as customer initial rent and fee balances, rental rate, current late step and move-in date into Storage Commander. We recommend generating the following reports in your previous software package. To enter your customer’s information into Storage Commander you will use the Setup Existing Contract feature.

● Rent Roll by Unit
● Customer Detail Report – All Customers
● Auto Credit Card Customers
● Recurring Discount and Fee Report
● Access Code Report

Storage Commander will bring over basic customer information during a conversion including: Name, Address and Phone Number depending on the software package that you are currently using. Customer notes are not brought over during the conversion and will need to be entered into Storage Commander.

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