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10 Quick Reports for Wrapping Up 2018

10 Quick Reports for Wrapping Up 2018

We wanted to share some quick tips and reports with you to help close out your 2018 financials with a bang!


These reports should help take some of the stress off of your end of year reporting.
​Please note that some of the reports will automatically roll up YTD (year to date) while others will have to be set within the date range of the report menu (please see the image below).


Storage Commander Report Year to date


Summary Reports

  • Facility Summary 
  • Super Summary
  • Rent Roll by Customer
  • Occupancy V3 Report
  • Aging Receivables
  • Prepaid Reconciliation
  • Receipts Audit 



Selling Insurance?

You may want to take a look at these insurance driven reports as well: 

  • Contracts with Insurance
  • Monthly Premiums
  • Premiums Details


Lastly, if you just started using Storage Commander in 2018, you will have to combine your reports with your previous management software’s 2018 reports to compile accurate numbers. If you weren’t familiar with some of these reports before, I hope you enjoyed taking another look and continue exploring our vast reporting suite.

We have big plans for more features, reports, and partner integrations for 2019 so keep an eye out for more news!


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